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We struggled with food and body image more than our friends and peers. We lacked confidence. We were embarrassed about bodies, even though we weren’t over weight. We felt like we wouldn’t fit in unless we looked a certain way.

We would feel guilty about eating bad foods so we would exercise for hours to burn off the extra calories we ate. We did cleanse after cleanse. We were stuck in a destructive cycle of restricting our calories to binge eating to jumping from one diet trend to another do everything to keep us “healthy.”

We started to get anxiety around food especially in social settings knowing that we would either be restrictive or over eat. We tracked every calorie we ate and made sure to burn that off at the gym. No matter how much we worked out we never really looked any different or felt any better.

All of this destructive behavior caused a lot of inflammation and adrenal fatigue. We struggled with acne, constipation, bloat, lack of energy and focus, candida overgrowth, and eczema.

It wasn’t until we were at our lowest points that we realized something has to change.

It just clicked. Enough was enough. It’s time to change. We had to learn how to love our bodies now, despite having acne and scars.

We started changing our mindset and our bodies started to change. Then our life changed.

Invest in your loving yourself because your whole world can change! And we are here to help you realize your authentic fabulous self and achieve success in all areas of your life through self love and rediscovering your true power.

Here’s how we can help you achieve success in all areas of your life: