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Get an hour’s results in less than 30 minutes without stepping foot into a gym.

Common workout mistakes to avoid if you really want to burn fat and improve your health:

1 – Only focusing on exercise machines. Use your body not machines as exercise machines don’t engage any muscles in your core. Focus on functional training. Exercises that help you live your life better. Machines don’t train complete human movement patterns. Functional training allows you to do real life daily activities. Focus on training for life not just 12 weeks. Plus you aren’t tied down to only getting your workout done at the gym.

2 – Avoiding resistance training. Say yes to lifting weights, and no you won’t get bulky. Strength training is what makes you a fat burning machine even after your workout is over you’ll still be burning calories. Building lean muscle helps your hormones and metabolism therefore your overall health will improve. The more muscle mass on your body the less fat, which makes your look lean and toned.

3 – Stop doing so much cardio. Long cardio workouts can damage your metabolism and actually make you burn muscle, which as you just learned you need muscle to look toned! Boring cardio on the treadmill or elliptical is not going to transform your body. Too much cardio elevates cortisol (too much cortisol makes your body store fat which is not what we want right) and hurts your hormones like potentially damaging your thyroid. Basically cardio works against you and wears your body down.

4 – Try not to repeat your workouts. Doing anything over and over can lead to boredom and eventually losing motivation. Training the same movements repeatedly doesn’t challenge your muscles enough. You will hit a plateau. Switch up your routines to keep you muscles and mind engaged. Working out should be fun!!

5 – Avoid long workouts. We already discussed long hours of cardio, but long hours of working out is not good for your body. More is not better. When you are working out for such a long time you can’t sustain a high intensity. Which intensity is a huge piece of changing your body! You have to push past your limits to reach new results. It’s better to go harder for shorter amount of time than go long and steady.

Time for a better way to work out in less time without harming your health while still having a life

Enter Purely Life Life (PFL).

Inside PFL we help you lose fat and build lean muscle while having fun by working out less to get you better results.

Our workouts will get you stronger for everyday life, mentally and physically!

The workouts we focus on are interval training that involve your full body. The great thing about intervals is that you get all of the calorie burning intensity of a long cardio session, while boosting your metabolism. Best of all, you’ll get BETTER results in less time! This sure beats doing long hours of cardio right? Because who has time for that?

We are here to tell you cardio is not NECESSARY!! Wahoo! Steady state of cardio is not the best way to burn fat and tone up.

When your workouts are 20 minutes you can really push yourself instead of doing medium intensity and getting mediocre results from longer workouts.

We can speak from personal experience, as well as from working with our clients, that doing long hours of cardio does not lead to a lean, strong body. We would spend hours on the elliptical or ran for miles and miles on the treadmill always wondering why our bodies weren’t changing. We would think we weren’t doing enough, which lead us to workout longer!

This only lead us to imbalanced hormones, adult acne, digestion and sleep got worse, developed food sensitivities, had no energy and zero confidence. We always felt mentally drained.

There is a BETTER way to move, eat and live that is fun, sustainable and increases confidence.

Press play to see a sneak peek inside PFL.

PFL is about building a better looking, functionally fit and healthy body (and mind!).

Why the #purelyfitlife sisterhood?

This on-going monthly membership is made to get you fit inside and out, create that fierce body and mind, feel amazing and create your fabulous life that you deserve. The workouts are designed to burn fat while building lean muscle without spending hours in the gym.

It’s not a fad, or a quick fix get skinny or bikini ready in 2 weeks or 12 week program. Because what happens when they are over?

#purelyfitlife is designed to help you create and maintain a healthy, fitness oriented lifestyle while loving yourself and building a fit successful mindset to achieve your goals and keep them. It’s an easy-to-follow, challenging with no extremes program that helps you enjoy the journey without being bored while you build your fit and strong body.

Real time home workouts designed so that you get fit and healthy while spending less than 30 minutes a day.

Creating LASTING results is more than just exercise and food.

So many fitness programs don’t include the one BIG missing piece for results.

The mindset.

It’s true your body achieves what the mind believes.

Inside Purely Fit Life we provide you the tools and steps to know what to do and the mindset coaching to be able to make it work in your own life.

We include everything to give you the results that combine exercise, food and mind! In an easy-to-follow format with monthly focuses and challenges.

If you keep focusing on how much you are exercising, eating perfectly clean and what you look like you’ll never feel enough. We know this firsthand. We never felt good enough no matter how much we worked out or how “clean” we ate.

Even when we got down to our lowest weight and had that “lean” look we STILL didn’t feel enough. This is why we added MINDSET and body confidence into PFL.  Because we want to help you to feel ENOUGH now.

We want to help you love moving your body not workout for punishment because of what you ate. We want you to eat some chocolate without feeling guilty.

In a nutshell, we want to make you FIT in all parts of life.  Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially, Physically.

Just Workouts
$10per month

    Start your workouts today

    Purely Fit Life is more than an exercise program. It’s a LIFESTYLE!

    Tone your body. Uplift your mind. Improve your life.

    You have to enjoy the journey because you are training for life.  You have to enjoy the workouts you do so you actually do them. Consistency triumphs everything.

    It’s time to change everything. Change your mind, body and life.

    We keep fitness and nutrition simple and fun so you can fit it into your life with ease.

    I joined because I liked the mission you ladies are on and the message you are sharing. And I wanted to be a part of that. I love Purely Fit Life. Michelle and Lori have created an environment that is so inspiring, motivated and balanced. I felt welcomed instantly as a new member and truly feel like a sister to them. The workouts are great too! I love that every day of the month is planned for me and that not one single workout is repeated in a one month’s time. And did I mention that most of them are less than 20 minutes! Lastly, I love the addition of the entrepreneurial focus. The tips have helped me tremendously as I grow my blog and online business. Thanks ladies for all that you do.



    I joined because I love the workouts. And wanted the FULL length ones. I love the Facebook group and receive encouragement. Purely Fit Life is a great place to receive great workouts where I don’t get bored. Most places I tried before I get  bored doing the same workouts and I love how it is constantly different yet at the same time not time consuming. I also love the encouragement, seeing what the twins eat, and all the tips.



    I joined for the FULL length and amazing workouts. The Facebook group is nice for questions and accountability. I love your attitudes, encouragement and motivation. I love having a workout schedule to work from with the flexibility to change things around. And of course love the grain-free recipes.



    I joined because of I love your recipes, daily eats and the workouts. I like the Facebook group because it is nice and easy to ask questions. I love Purely Fit Life because the love and encouragement you guys always show. It pushed me through my workouts during my entire pregnancy even during the bad morning sickness days and the tough last trimester.



    I joined Purely Fit Life for the monthly workout schedules, mantras, and food guidance. I love the ease of having a preplanned schedule to pop on and get to work. I like that I was able to release the negative food cycle that I was on to find a sustainable, healthy way of eating for me with the guidance and abundance of posts from the twins. I am no longer on Facebook so I am not part of the private group. I really like being able to log in and sort through Purely Fit Life posts to find one that speaks to me in each moment.


    I loved how real you both are. I’ve followed you for a long time and truly appreciated your free workouts and blog posts. I just found that I could connect with both of you. You were small and real; nothing built up and not normal (in a good way). I truly felt (and still do) that you would be the people I would choose as friends…darn, wish we lived closer…haha. PFL is THE place to be for community, fitness, life, and food. The sisterhood is supportive and inspirational; I love how we all learn from one another as we ride life.


    I had spent almost two straight years of my life doing the elliptical for an hour each day…gag!  I wanted and needed something different.  I found your workouts to mimic the movements of everyday living and felt stronger in how I walked, moved and lived my everyday life in the real world.  Gone are the days of hours of steady state cardio.  When I first started I couldn’t do a burpee now I am amazed that I can do so many.  I love that I can go back to the archives and find a workout that at first challenged me to the point of thinking, “I can’t get through this” and doing it again and seeing how much I have improved.  (Examples: the Thanksgiving challenge one you had—500 rep challenge or something like that and the purely weights #9 I think with the bicep curl/shoulder raise and then 10 sec side jumpjack into mountain climbers for three rounds then 3 rounds of back pulls into tricep kickbacks followed by star jumps and ½ burpees.)  Those totally challenged me but now I can do them with less of a struggle.  It’s also helpful to have you both as cheerleaders and seeing that you too are challenged.  Funny, when I first started doing the HIIT ones it was a workout just to move from one exercise to another (getting up and down off the ground, etc)  That sounds pretty sad but when your body is only used to doing repetitive motions required by an elliptical it takes a bit to transition into moving like a human again.  I also love that I haven’t done the same workout in months.  You all have such a wide variety that I mix it up and my body and mind definitely appreciate that.  Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration!

    – Heather

    Workout videos so you workout right along with us. Every move. Every squat. Every pushup. We do it all together.


    Start seeing your abs come through. Finally be able to fit into your favorite jeans year round.

    Those are nice perks but you’ll ALSO enhance your life:

    • Feel more confident
    • Sleep and perform better
    • Feel strong and amazing
    • Love your body
    • More time to do the things that you love to do in life
    • Happier
    • Balanced hormones
    • Mental clarity
    • Body peace
    • Quieter and stronger mind

    What you have access to as a #purelyfitlife sister:

    Monthly Workout Schedules. HIIT and strength training functional workouts designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat, in just under 30 minutes a day. Get you fitter faster while staying motivated with new workouts so you never get bored. Our workouts are a mix of bodyweight, weight training, HIIT cardio and low impact.

    Nutrition plan that fits you. We provide you the tools to build your own nutrition plan, specific to your needs and lifestyle. We dive into macros and carb cycling to optimize energy and fat loss while boosting your metabolism. Discover how to eat foods that you love, while enjoying life and getting results. BONUS you get a FREE copy of our Eating for Life Ebook.

    Exclusive members-only Facebook group with like-minded ladies. A safe place to ask questions and get continued support. BONUS business mastermind area to network with fellow passionate women. Together we will share tips, ask questions, and get the moral support to grow our businesses.

    Real time workout videos.  Never workout alone again. Each workout comes with a full length video and how to video. Plus printable PDF and modifications for different fitness levels INCLUDING pregnancy and diastasis tips. You will have your own personal trainers in your home for just $1 a day.

    Exclusive access to us. Whenever you have a question we are here for you. As a purely fit sister you will receive a welcome packet and our lifestyle guide for free.

    BONUS meal planning and recipes. Video with a worksheet for simple meal planning for the week. Cooking videos to provide you with easy meal inspirations.

    New fresh content added weekly. On-going support and motivation. The fitness and health industry can be overwhelming and confusing on what to believe. We provide you with the necessary tips to create success in your life.

    Mindset work. To change your life and body it all starts in the mind. We believe in the mind body connection and provide weekly inspiration to empower you with the confidence and strength. Building a strong body with a fierce mind.

    Access to archived information.  You will have access to all new and past workout schedules, videos, our daily eats, nutrition and diet tips and business videos.

    Monthly focuses. Each month we discuss one topic ranging from health to fitness to diet to self care. NEW member spotlight. You will get featured in our weekly newsletter and shout out on our social media.

    Exclusive discounts. As a purely fit sister you get special deals on our other products and services. 

    You are in charge of your membership and your growth. No contract. You can cancel anytime.

    • No Pressure

      No annual contracts. Cancel at anytime.

    • Comprehensive

      An all-in-one-plan to help you reach your goals month after month.

    • Affordable

      You get all of this for only $30 a month.

    • Flexible

      A plan with flexibility. Learn how to create a workout and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness level.

    Hi, we’re Michelle and Lori, creators of #purelyfitlife

    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”PT%20Sans” font_color=”%23000000″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”10″ width=”460″]Who we are and why we created Purely Fit Life (PFL):

    We created PFL because as personal trainers, and from girls who personal dealt with autoimmune disease (eczema), past eating disorders, missing periods (hormonal imbalance), adult acne, digestive issues (constipation), poor energy, frustrated, depressed and confused we knew there had to be a better way to exercise and eat that didn’t comprise your health and happiness.

    We have overcome the fear of gaining weight by exercising less, restrict binge eat cycle, poor body image, over exercising, not happy with our LIFE to now loving our bodies, eating a balanced diet that we enjoy year round.

    Our own personal journey and education helped us learn our bodies at a deeper level to start healing and regain our health back. We feel happier and stronger than ever. Now we get to help thousands of women from all over the world create a better relationship with themselves through exercise. We help them create a balanced lifestyle.

    You want to get stronger and toned but you don’t know how to exercise and how to eat that won’t make yourself worse. There’s is where our Purely Fit Life membership comes in! We created this sisterhood with YOU in mind. We know what it is like because we’ve been there too. Everything we share inside is how we healed, feel alive and happy while getting (and staying) in shape and healthy.

    Once we learned how to exercise better by doing less but effective exercises and changed our mindset, we began to heal inside out creating  lasting results for years.[/text_block]

    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”PT%20Sans” font_color=”%23000000″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”10″ width=”460″]We’re passionate about shifting the way women think about fitness, where they break away from using it as a form of punishment for what they ate, but rather an way to rediscover their worth to unlock their true potential.

    This started off as just a fitness program with some nutrition help but has expanded into so much more. Over the years we’ve learned that to be truly happy it’s more than how you eat and exercise. It’s how you take care of whole self which includes your mind and soul. That’s why we also include tips on body confidence, natural living, business and mental wellbeing.

    We feel through movement you can learn who YOU are better which translates you being more confident and stronger person to go after your dreams. You can learn to quiet that inner mean girl who tells you you’re not good enough so that you feel unstoppable instead of pushing yourself with exercise and diets that don’t work.

    Our fitness philosophy is work out LESS to live MORE. More time, energy and confidence to go after your dreams and live the life you dream of.[/text_block]

    Fitness simplified. No more overwhelm. No more confusion.

    We invite you to join our online sisterhood.

    Just Workouts
    $10per month

      Start your workouts today

      I am a day off this week on my workouts, so I just did this one tonight….OMG. I loved it and hated this!!! I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Y’all are awesome.

      Ryan S

      I wanted to let the both of you know that I love your workouts. I own my business and am very busy, so trying to fit the gym into my already hectic schedule was driving me crazy. You already have each day planned out so I don’t even have to think about “What do I do today?”  – all I have to do is go into my home gym, set the timer and get to work….on my schedule!! That makes my workouts more productive and my stress level lower!

      Lora M

      I opened the video to watch your update. My 18 month old daughter saw your faces on the video. She ran and got my yoga mat and brought it to me

      Melinda F

      Just joined today! This was a great start to what I’m hoping is step towards a healthier more fit lifestyle. Feeling sweaty and invigorated after that workout.

      Michelle D

      Love being a member. You guys are such an inspiration in more ways than one!

      Jessica P

      Really love! I just started doing your workouts as I was looking for something new. I have a baby, so the fact that your workouts are quick and intense, and I can mix and match them to fit my time frame is great! You guys are the perfect level of challenging -yet attainable.Keep up the great work!

      Allison W.

      Who #purelyfitlife is for?

      [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]It’s for women who realize true, lasting transformation must come from within and are ready to commit to the work necessary.

      It’s for female entrepreneurs (aspiring ones, busy moms, students, nurses and coaches who want to take care of themselves but want more guidance and support.

      It’s for the woman who believes in the mind body connection and wants to be supported on her journey.

      It’s for women who want to workout at home, tired of the gym life, need direction and consistency program but wants flexibility to fit it into their life.

      It’s for women who understand there are no quick fixes or gimmicks and want a solution that lasts.

      It’s for women who are going to take 100% responsibility and ownership of their actions, attitude and results[/text_block]

      Who #purelyfitlife is NOT for?

      [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]This isn’t for the women who want long workouts or to train for hours.

      It’s not for women who want exercise to be their whole life.

      It’s not for those looking for quick fixes with little effort.

      It’s not for those that want to only workout at the gym.

      It’s not for women who want to continue to diet.[/text_block]

      Just Workouts
      $10per month

        Start your fit life today

        Build a healthy lifestyle that lasts. Burn fat, get lean and healthy, and enjoy doing it!

        [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]We will help you get fit and strong while creating a toned body, positive mindset, forming a better relationship with food and exercise, lower stress and most importantly having fun and loving yourself.

        After years of research, training, education and personal experimentation, we finally found a way to get fit and happy – and even fall in love with the journey.

        We realized that when we infused how we workout with mindfulness and a positive mindset, we started to feel happier, stronger and more confident inside and out.

        You don’t need to do anything extreme or crazy to get a body you love.

         All you need is consistency, self love, supportive  community, positive mindset and the belief in yourself that you are enough.

        Purely Fit Life does that and so much more.


        • q-iconHow much does it cost to be a sister?

          It’s currently just $30 a month to become a FULL PFL sister. If you join the JUST WORKOUTS it is $10 a month.

        • q-iconCan I pay annually?

          Unfortunately not at the moment. We plan on working on adding this feature in the future.

        • q-iconCan I cancel at any time?

          Yes, but we hope that you stay with the sisterhood. All you need to do is email us.

        • q-iconAre these the workouts we do?

          Yes these are the exact workouts we do daily to keep us in shape and feeling our best year round.

        • q-iconDo I need access to a gym?

          No. All of our workouts are designed to do at home.

        • q-iconWhat equipment do I need?

          Bench or chair. Yoga mat. Dumbbells. Kettlebells and equalizer are optional as we give recommendations to do instead. Jump rope.

        • q-iconWhat format do the workouts come in?

          All the workouts are delivered via easy to follow full length workout videos with workout introduction going over the moves and printable PDF of the workout.

        • q-iconHow fit do I need to be for this program?

          The workouts are designed with intermediate exercisers in mind. We do provide beginner workouts and tips as well as advanced. We also provide what to do if you are really busy or trying to heal (like having hormones or digestion issues).

        • q-iconDo I need to already have a business to join or want my own business to join?

          No, this sisterhood is open for heart centered women who want to workout less to improve their life, health, happiness and get lasting results. We do talk and share business related things inside for those that are interested. We have a range of clients from bloggers, nurses, teachers, stay-at-moms, nutritionists, business coaches and more.

        [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”13″ font_color=”%23b5b5b5″ width=”940″]© PurelyTwins 2016 – Purely Fit Life Online fitness and lifestyle sisterhood club. [/text_block]