Fit Success Mindset

Hey VIS,

Your focus this month is to focus more on keeping your head up and try to see all the love in your life right now.

When we see things with love we see more love around us. We see our body with love.

Keeping your head up and your heart open you will start to see amazing things happen in your life. Have an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.

Yes, of course there will be hard times and battles as they are part of life, but see them as good things. Challenging times are lessons. They teach us something more about yourself. They bring more clarity in our lives.



You are worth loving!

It is time to see your body with more kinder loving eyes 😉

When you focus on doing everything with love you’ll see things differently.

When you keep your heart more open you’ll letting the Universe know you are open to whatever it brings you. You know the Universe knows your desires but you are open for bigger and better things that God and the Universe have in store for you.

Action steps:

  1. See every opportunity or experience with an open heart.
  2. Aim to do things in your life out of love not fear or ego.
  3. Be more aware of how you are talking to yourself and correcting any negative self- talk with a positive affirmation.
  4. Focus on telling the Universe that you are open to what it has in store for you. That you trust the process. You’re open and ready on what’s next to come.

Commit to transform your health from a place of love. Imagine standing with the intention of committing to a better way of being. You do things because you love your body and you deserve to treat it to the best habits of training, nutrition and mindfulness.

Focus more on sending love to your body and your whole life will start to change.

We want to hear how you are showing yourself love. Post it in the Facebook group.


Lori and Michelle


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