Fit Success Mindset

Hey VIS,

Your focus this month is to focus on forgiveness.


We know forgiveness can be a hard and icky thing. It takes courage to look back at past and truly let it go.

But you are a strong PFL sister so we know you can do this.

Forgiveness is a great tool to help reclaim your power back. It’s a very powerful tool.

Action steps:

  1. Say these affirmations throughout the month — I release the past so I can step into the future with pure intentions. I forgive myself for buying into the illusion that something is wrong with me. I am open to forgiving others as I forgive myself more with ease, sincerity and loving compassion.
  2. Try to be more mindful about your thoughts and how much you’re dwelling on past bad decisions you’ve made. Be more open to letting them go as those past decisions don’t define you.
  3. Practice the forgiveness system daily, in front of a mirror for extra deep soul work


You’re not a bad person for making poor decisions in your past. We all had them. We all had to experience different things. It is all part of our story. But sometimes if we don’t forgive, we keep living in the past and never moving forward in life.

We want you to SOAR in life. Forgiveness is a great self-care tool to help.

We want to hear how you are going to be working on forgiveness these next few weeks.

Post it in the Facebook group anything you want to forgive and release..


Lori and Michelle


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