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Welcome to my post partum training series.

You are about to start on your journey to feeling more confident, stronger, fitter, and more empowered from the inside out.

If you have diastasis recti this is your guide to close the gap.

I am so excited and blessed to have you here! I look forward in doing this journey with you.

If you need to email please write in the subject line -  RTC  (short for retrain your core) This way I know you are a sister so I can reply quickly!

Email is -

Have you joined the private facebook group yet? 

When you join the group make sure you give a brief bio of who you are and 3 goals.

I am your online fitness buddy. I am also a personal trainer, author, wife, mother, sister, and friend.

I created a daily check list for you to ask yourself everyday - Daily check lists  Remember it's not about being perfect, but just trying your best.

How this program works:

First I have it broken up between just had baby mom, moms with 2 finger gap or less, and moms with larger than 2 finger.

1. Just had a baby mom - this is for any mom that just went through labor, whether it's your 1st child or 3rd

2. Less than 2 finger gap

3. Larger than 2 finger gap

You will see your schedule at the top followed by the 9 core workouts. Depending on where you are your workout schedule will be different. Follow the plan appropriate for you.

If you have questions on where you should start email me or post it in the facebook group.

Remember you have this program for LIFE!! You get all new updates for free. You can redo this program anytime! 

Equipment: This is not 100% required but highly recommended.

Stability ball  *How to pick the right size - 4'11'' - 5'4'' height: 55 cm (this is what I have as I am 5'3''); 5'4''-5'11'' height: 65 cm

Mini exercise ball 

Stretch bands

Bonus equipment:

Free weights


Yoga/exercise mat


Any information or guidance we provide is not a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, +/or medical treatment of your doctor, physical therapist, physiotherapist, healthcare provider, nutritionist or dietician. You must not rely on any information or guidance we provide you with as an alternative to medical advice + we expressly disclaim all responsibility, + shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered by you or any third party as a result of your reliance on any such information or guidance. If you have specific questions or concerns, or you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention from your Doctor. Do not delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information or guidance we provide you with. You should always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before embarking on any exercise program or diet. If you suspect you have hernia or pelvic organ prolapse, if you are in any pain at all, if you have urinary or fecal incontinence, or if exercise or movement is in any way painful or uncomfortable, please see your Doctor before embarking on any exercise program. Any exercise program should only be conducted with your health care provider’s knowledge + blessing. 

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