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Fit and Jolly Program

Hey purely fit sister!

Holidays are approaching so it is more important than ever to put taking care of yourself in mind body and soul first.

We are focusing on intentions and fun. Every day we want you to wake up and ask yourself – how do I want to feel. Who do I need to be today? What will make my soul sing? What do I need today?

AND most importantly what can I do today to have more fun? How can I add more joy to my life today?

Remember aim to get your routine done in the morning but you can break it up. We want you to focus on what you feel called, maybe you need more meditation or journaling. Or maybe you need to do mirror work with affirmations. Our 5 step fit soul movement routine is just a guide.

5 step Fit Soul Movement routine:
1 – prayer/intention
2 – workout
3 – say affirmations or journal or meditate
4- gratitude – 2 minutes
4 – visualization – 2 minutes

*Or any soul work you feel called to do like meditate, mirror work, read a book, journal, etc


Workouts – We will be working out 5 days a week with one rest day and one bonus day.  We are making Saturday be an optional workout day only if you have the time or want to do it. If you can get in 5 good workouts in a week you will be fine during the holidays! Remember to stretch each day whether right after your workout or before bed to allow your muscles to fully recover. Adjust the workouts around to fit your schedule and if you miss one just move on. Don’t dwell on it as it happens to us too, especially traveling and being out of our normal routine.

Nutrition – Continuing on from the boot camp nutrition guidelines, we want you to keep focusing all the foods you get to eat. No restricting. No dieting. When we allow ourselves to enjoy all foods it doesn’t make certain foods more desirable. Yes, at first you still might want it. That is normal and fine! Enjoy it. The more you practice this it will get easier. But you have to be willing to try. You have to be willing to learn to trust yourself again around food, especially during the holidays when there are more “treats” around.

We don’t like to use the word treats, but we know you understand what we mean.  Keep focusing how you want to feel. “Is this something I truly want to eat or do I feel pressured to eat it? What can I do to make myself have fun in this moment (yes even around food FUN should be the focus).”

Here is an example you’re at a party and there are 3 plates of cookies. You want them all. Before you grab one or 5, ask yourself am I mindful and aware of what I am doing? Am I going to be okay an hour later eating this? Am I going to feel guilty tomorrow? Am I avoiding something else? Will one cookie or 5 satisfy me? What am I getting out of overeating?

Be honest with yourself as this is how you grow and change. Whatever you decide, when you come from a place that YOU made the choice it is empowering. You will naturally be proud of yourself. Whatever you decide know that you are not a bad person if you ate 5 cookies. The key is to let it go and not beat yourself up over it because that can lead us down a different path.

Other tips to help when eating out at parties – enjoy regular meals the day of the event. Make sure you are getting enough protein at every meal. Make sure you are taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Do you need a nap? Do you need to play more? Do you need dance? Do you need to journal or meditate? When we take the focus back on us we give food less power over us.

We posted 58-holiday recipes inside the Facebook group for you to enjoy during the holidays.

One other intention we have for you to focus on is what can you ADD to your diet this time of year, not take away. 

Yes, “Adding” to your meals this holiday season. Let’s get away from the feelings of restricting or taking things out.
So examples of adding: *You can check out your Eating for Life guide for more tips
Add a fat to every meal.
Add more protein to one or two of your meals.
Add 1/2 cup more veggies to a few meals.
Add 1 cup more water to your day.
Focusing on what you can add right now to your way of eating that creates me satisfaction during this stressful time of year. It’s a mindset shift.


Write out your intentions for this holiday season.

Why we start with an intention:
First, let’s start with what is an intention. An intention is a clear, positive statement focused towards an outcome you desire to create or experience. They are not goals because they focus on the journey rather than the endpoint. When you have an intention it gives you an idea of how to act and how to be in the present moment. An intention will help create more clarity in your life.
Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. We encourage you to focus on the experience you want to have not so much the end goal of losing “x” amount of weight.
Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go — it becomes the driving force of your higher consciousness.
A good basic intention we would like you is – I intend to have more fun this holiday season. I intend to allow more love and joy into my life now.
To go bigger and deeper you could say:
I intend to experience greater and greater levels of magic, fun, creativity, peace, prosperity, abundance, safety, ease, health and healing, Divine grace, Divine guidance, joy, freedom, beauty, trust, wisdom and love.
I intend to live every waking minute of every day conscious, awake and aware and in the present moment, while feeling as much joy as possible.
I intend that all of my relationships family, work-related, community-based, acquaintance or just in passing, be filled with as much fun, joy, love, light, kindness and compassion as possible.
I intend to gratefully and gracefully perform my destiny work on this planet, in the perfect timing, with joy and fun, and with the highest level of positive impact possible.
I intend to feel that I’m always in the right place at the right time for all of my intentions to come true.


Make a list of 5 things that bring more FUN into your life during the holidays.  

Now make sure you are doing them often.

For example:

  • Morning coffee. Reading. Baking. Yoga. Hanging with friends.
  • Listening to music and dancing.

Write in your journal your ideal vision of your holidays – yes your dream holiday experience.

  • What experiences do you want?
  • What emotions do you want to feel?
  • Then ask yourself how can I do that now?
  • How do you want to show up?
  • How do you see yourself taking care of themselves? 
  • How are you speaking to yourself? 
  • How can you have more FUN? 
  • How can it be less stressful for You? 

Make sure you share daily inside the FB so we call can support one another. 

Remember to take rest days when you need them. If you have a busy month you can follow the busy people recommendations on each workout.

Some of these workouts do not have postpartum diastasis recti modifications. If you had DR like Lori please make modifications when needed depending on your fitness and core strength. For any planking or frontal position do on a chair, kitchen counter or wall. Also, omit any jumping if you have any pain or doming in your core. Always listen to your body and have questions please let us know so we can best help you.  CHECK OUT LORI’S VIDEO HERE

2 minute of PLANK would be a great warm-up this month. *Some workouts we do it with you.

Walk the days you can for about 15 – 30 minutes.

Rest day ideas – depending on how you are feeling you can take the day completely off and just do stretching.  Foam roll  is a great option too.

You can do some light yoga  – YOGA ideas

Or you can do some core work with 20 minutes of stretching

Fit & Jolly workout schedule

Week 1:
Day 1 –  LIVE replay Fit Jolly workout 1 (16 minutes)
Day 2 –  LIVE replay Fit Jolly workout 2 (18 minutes)
Day 3 –  LIVE replay Fit Jolly workout 3 (12 minutes)
Day 4 – LIVE replay Fit Jolly workout 4 (16 minutes)
Day 5 – LIVE replay Fit Jolly workout 5 (20 minutes)
Day 6 –  RIse workout #4 (15 minutes)  (optional)
Day 7 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll

Week 2:
Day 8 – Purely training 103 (20 minutes)
Day 9 –  Purely training #83 (13 minutes)  *DR modification do plank jacks on a chair or counter and step feet in and out not jump
Day 10 –Weights #39 (20 minutes)
Day 11 – Fit Soul #2 (18 minutes
Day 12 – Weights #38 (20 minutes)
Day 13 – Lift Up workout 5  (optional)
Day 14 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll


Day 15 – Fit Jolly workout 1 (16 minutes)
Day 16 –  Rise workout #2 (15 minutes) 
Day 17 – Fit Jolly workout 2 (18 minutes)
Day 18  – Weights #28 (20 minutes)
Day 19 – Fit Jolly workout 3 (12 minutes)
Day 20 – 10-minute plank (optional)

Day 21 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll



Day 22 – Fit Jolly 4 (16 minutes)

Day 23 – Fit Jolly 5 (20 minutes)
Day 24 – HIIT #24  (15 minutes)
Day 25 –  Lift Up workout #4 (18 minutes)
Day 26 – HIIT #29 (12 minutes)
Day 27 – 10 minute #3 (optional)
Day 28 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll


Day 29 –  Fit Soul #4   (15 minutes)
Day 30 –  Fit Soul #1 (16 minutes)
Day 31 – Fit Soul #5   (15 minutes)
Day 32 – Fit Soul #3 (16 minutes)
Day 33 –  HIIT #30 (16 minutes)
Day 34 –  Core workout 2 (optional)
Day 35 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll


Day 36 – Fit Jolly 1
Day 37 –  Fit Jolly 2
Day 38 – Fit Jolly 3
Day 39 – Fit Jolly 4
Day 40 –  Fit Jolly 5
Day 41 – Core workout (optional)
Day 42 – Rest day – stretch/foam roll

Use the private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and questions!

We are all here to get stronger inside and out.
Instagram – @purelytwins  #purelyfitlife #purelytwins #ptsisters

Let’s keep inspiring each other to work hard and love our bodies!
Remember you’re worth it!


Lori and Michelle