Hi, we’re Michelle and Lori.

We help motivated but overwhelmed ladies lose weight and maintain it for life with eating a balanced diet with healthy foods and indulgences.

Our mission is to help other doers and believers manifest their dreams, create their dream life, love their bodies through food and fitness, and positive mindset so they can be exactly who they were born to be.

We guide and support ladies who are tired of dieting, struggling with their skin, confused on what to eat, feeling unworthy and are ready to become strong, healthy, fit, independent, and outrageously confident so they can change the world.

We understand how you feel because we used to be you.

Our passion is to teach ladies how to eat and workout to have a balanced lifestyle so they have more time and freedom for things they desire, like their business, family, friends, and self improvement.

We keep things real, fun, and attainable through mindful eating strategies, functional workouts, mindset tips, and skin care secrets that’ll have you turning heads in weeks.

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